Your UniCard officially identifies you as a student of our university, accompanying you throughout your studies. You use your UniCard to pay in the refectories, you need it for photocopying and printing, and it serves as a library card and as your personal public transport pass.

From 2 June 2020, personal appointments can be made again with the UniCard service point.


You will need to book your appointment in advance:

  • Please use our online booking system.
  • Appointments are possible on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am until 2pm.

When attending a consultation in person, it is imperative that you wear a face covering and observe the usual contact and hygiene rules.


If you have any questions about the UniCard, please contact the UniCard service point exclusively by email. Please refer to the coronavirus page for the latest updates from the University.

MDV stamp during the summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/21

In order for your UniCard to be valid as an MDV public transport pass in the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21, please make sure that you have a valid stamp printed on it. You will find the card printing machines in the foyer at Goethestraße 6. The building is open Monday to Friday until 5pm.

Features of the UniCard

The chip card in detail

Use your UniCard to pay at the seven refectories and nine cafés run by Leipzig Student Services. Remember to put credit on the card first!

  • You can top up your card with cash at the machines in the entrance area of each refectory or cafeteria.
  • You can use AutoLoad to top up your card automatically at the till.
    If your credit is used up or has fallen below the limit you have set, you can automatically top up your card when paying at one of the refectory tills.  To do this, you will first need to set up a SEPA direct debit with the Studentenwerk Leipzig. You can use the card service portal to set how much credit will be added to your account.
    If you would like to use AutoLoad, please register at the Student Service Centre (SSZ).
    Learn more


If you wish to use our photocopiers, you will need to add copy credit to your UniCard. The accounts for your refectory and copy credit are separate and you top them up at stations.
Top-up stations for your photocopying account can be found at three locations:

  • Bibliotheca Albertina (2nd floor, open access and behind the gate on the ground floor)
  • Campus Library (photocopying room on the ground floor)
  • Law Library (2nd floor inside the Petersbogen building).

Important: your photocopying account is not the same as your printing account for the University Computing Centre!

You can top up your printing account by moving credit from your refectory account to your printing account at a transfer machine. This credit is then registered under your university login and no longer on your card. You can find these machines at a number of locations, including the Neues Augusteum (2nd Floor, outside room A 252) and inside the Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum (Beethovenstraße 15).

Your UniCard allows you to borrow media at all of the branches of the University Library. You will find your eight-digit library number on the back of the card. If you lose your UniCard, please do not forget to block your library account.

The MDV network will change on 15 December 2019!

From 15 December 2019, the area served by the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (Central German Transport Network) will be extended to include the train routes of the districts of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Wittenberg and the city of Dessau-Roßlau (“MDV-Nord”).
This extension is not covered by the MDV part of the Leipzig University semester fee. If you wish to travel to the extended MDV area, you must therefore make sure that you purchase the applicable additional ticket from the MDV range. For more information about the MDV network, please refer to the Studentenwerk Leipzig website.

You can use all public transport available in the relevant part of the MDV network, such as trams, buses, and suburban and regional trains. Please make sure that your UniCard has been validated and clearly displays a stamp for the current semester.

In the winter semester 2020/21, newly enrolled students can already use public transport one month before the start of the semester. As a ticket, please use your valid UniCard together with an official identity document (with a photograph) and a copy of your enrolment certificate.

You are only entitled to use public transport if you are carrying your UniCard.
Your enrolment certificate alone is not a valid ticket.

The UniCard at a glance

Validate your UniCard

To ensure that your UniCard is always valid for the current semester, please get it stamped again once you have re-enrolled. To do this, insert your UniCard into one of the special machines. It will be returned to you a few seconds later with a new stamp.

The machines can be found at four different locations:

  • Goethestraße 6, foyer (two machines)
  • Neues Augusteum, Augustusplatz campus, ground floor (two machines)
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Johannisallee 29, ground floor
  • Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum, Beethovenstraße 15, ground floor.

New students: Obtaining your UniCard

Your personalised UniCard is the last step on your path to formally starting your studies. You will receive your student card when you have submitted all your documents, transferred the semester fee and the UniCard fee, and uploaded your passport photo.

Once your UniCard has been printed, an email will be sent to your student email address. Your student ID will then be sent by post to the address you have stored in AlmaWeb. Please make sure that the address you have stored in AlmaWeb is current and complete! If you do not then receive your UniCard within 14 days, please contact the UniCard service point by email.

Please note that we can only send your UniCard to an address within Germany and not abroad. If you do not have a current address in Germany when we print your UniCard, please email us to let us know your address in Germany as soon as possible after your arrival.

It costs 10 euros to issue the UniCard. We charge this fee together with the semester fee. Please refer to your provisional enrolment certificate for more information.

  • Once you are fully enrolled, your AlmaWeb applicant account will be converted into a student account and you will receive an email from our university’s identity management system (IdM). Among other things, this email will ask you to upload a passport photo for your UniCard
  • Please log in to the Identity Manager (IdM) portal and accept the terms of use for the University Computer Centre and the University Library.
  • Upload a photo for your UniCard. It should be a recent portrait shot of you in passport photo quality (at least 150 x 200 pixels, maximum 450 x 500 pixels).
  • When the upload is complete, your photo will be outlined in red while we check it. If your selection is accepted, a green frame will appear. If your photo is not suitable, we will send you an email.
  • If for technical reasons you are unable to upload your passport photo, please hand it in to us in person along with this form.

Do you have any questions or are you experiencing problems uploading your photo? Please send us an email.
If you are having problems with your login information, please contact the University Computing Centre email.

UniCard for returning students: Have you already been enrolled at Leipzig University in the past and now decided to resume your studies? Then please come to the UniCard service point to have a new student ID card issued. You will receive your new UniCard when you have submitted all your documents and transferred the semester fee as well as the UniCard fee. You are welcome to bring a new photo with you.

Foto: eine grüne Tafel beschrieben mit Willkommenssprüchen in verschiedenen Sprachen
Photo: Leipzig University

Problems with Your UniCard

If someone hands in your UniCard to us, we will usually inform you by email within two to three working days. If you do not receive an email from us, please come and see us during our UniCard service point office hours in order to request a new card. This service costs 10 euros.

  • Please have your enrolment number ready.
  • Make sure your old library card is blocked by the University Library.
  • Have Leipzig Student Services transfer the remaining balance of your refectory account to your new card.

It is not possible to refund the remaining balance of your photocopying account. This does not affect your printing account.

You can use this opportunity to submit a more recent photo. To do this, please email us with your preferred photo (JPEG format, up to 450 x 500 pixels) together with your enrolment number and a brief explanation before you come to the service point.

If a ticket inspector finds that your student ID card is invalid because the stamp is not legible, you will be required to pay a penalty fare as stipulated in the MDV’s terms and conditions of carriage. Students then have one week to present a legible student ID card, which counts as a valid ticket, at the service point of the respective transport company. Doing this will mean you do not have to pay the standard penalty fare of 60 euros, but will still be charged a processing fee of 7 euros.

This is a general regulation from the MDV’s terms and conditions of carriage, which also applies to student ID cards that are used as tickets.

Please come to the UniCard service point to renew your card free of charge.

Please request a new card. This is the only way you can be sure that your UniCard will still be accepted on public transport.

Please come to the UniCard service point to renew your card free of charge.

You can use this opportunity to submit a more recent photo. To do this, please email us with your preferred photo (JPEG format, up to 450 x 500 pixels) together with your enrolment number and a brief explanation before you come to the service point.

Deutsche Bahn has confiscated student ID cards on a number of occasions because they were deemed too dirty or difficult to read. We ask all students not to surrender their UniCard. The card is the property of Leipzig University and not just a travel pass, but also proof of your student status.

We are aware of a number of instances where Deutsche Bahn has confiscated UniCards that were dirty or difficult to read, on the grounds that they appeared to have been manipulated. The Central German Transport Network (MDV) has been notified of the problem and is working on a solution. To avoid this situation, please come to the service point as soon as possible if your UniCard is worn or difficult to read.

Has Deutsche Bahn already taken your UniCard?

  • You will need to contact the UniCard service point.
  • Please bring the document you were given by Deutsche Bahn with you, or email it to us.

Are you being shown the error message 448 when photocopying, or does the charging station say Karte ungültig (card invalid)? This means your photocopying account was probably locked by the last machine you used.

  • Please go back to that machine and re-insert your card to unlock it.
  • If that doesn’t work, please contact the UniCard service desk.

The photocopying and refectory accounts on your UniCard are managed separately. You can therefore continue to use your refectory account if your photocopying account is locked and you haven’t yet had time to go to the service point.

Please contact Leipzig Student Services in the Student Service Centre.

The refectory and photocopying accounts on your UniCard are managed separately. You can therefore continue to use your photocopying account if your refectory account is locked and you haven’t yet had time to go to Leipzig Student Services.

Your UniCard after studying

Your UniCard becomes invalid on exmatriculation. If you initially paid a deposit for your card, you can have this money refunded.
This applies to all enrolments prior to 1 December 2017.

If you were enrolled before 1 December 2017, you can request a refund of the deposit of 10 euros. To do this, fill in the deposit refund application and hand this and your UniCard in to the Student Service Centre within two semesters after your exmatriculation.

Please have any credit refunded to you before handing in your UniCard.

  • You can have your remaining refectory credit paid out at one of the café cash desks or at the Leipzig Student Services counter in the Student Service Centre.
  • The student photocopying service can determine and refund the remaining balance of your photocopying account. To do this, please contact:

    Service Point Canon University Services in Leipzig/mobilblitz
    Neumarkt 27
    04109 Leipzig


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