The collection contains archaeological finds ranging from Palaeolithic hand axes to medieval stove tiles, spanning a period of more than half a million years of human history.

enlarge the image: Mehrere Osbornebeile der der Sammlung Ur- und Frühgeschichte
One task of the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Collection is the cataloguing of the old holdings of private collectors. Photo: Aniela Schuchardt

From the Palaeolithic period, the epoch of hunter-gatherers, the collection possesses numerous artefacts from famous and historically significant sites, such as hand axes associated with the French commune of Saint-Acheul. The exhibition of originals and plaster casts offers a clear illustration of the diversity of the Neolithic cultures of Central Germany. These are supplemented by numerous other objects made of different materials and thus presented in the cultural historical context. The subsequent periods and non-European archaeological sites are also represented by a range of tools, jewellery and weapons.

The teaching and study collection comprises more than 10,000 pieces, many of which may be viewed by the general public on request. Please book individual guided tours in advance.

Collection opening hours

The collection can be visited by individual appointment.

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