The “Religious and Ideological Pluralism in Germany” Documentation Centre was set up at the Institute for the Study of Religions in 1994. It is the only university archive of its kind in Germany. This unique collection contains material on religious and ideological communities in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

enlarge the image: Zeitschriften und Bücher mit den Themen Spiritualität und Religion, zum Beispiel "Praktiken der Seelenfänger", "Erwachet!"
The Documentation Centre mainly archives material reflecting rare world views. Photo: “Religious and Ideological Pluralism in Germany” Documentation Centre

The collection is concentrated above all on those religious and ideological groups and movements which exist alongside the established churches and recognised religions. It focuses on original materials published by the respective movements, communities and institutions themselves – such as books and magazines, but above all “grey literature” like brochures and leaflets, event programmes, circulars and other letters, posters and audiovisual media.

The archive gathers material from over 400 religious or ideological communities, religious and philosophical associations and publishing houses. Over 16,000 documents have been catalogued to date. The archive also regularly receives and stores almost 200 journals, magazines and newsletters. The source material is supplemented by a collection of secondary literature – mostly from state and university institutions that publish on the subject.

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