Leipzig University’s Head of Administration and Finance is responsible for the areas of budget, personnel, legal affairs, construction matters and technology as well as security, environmental protection and occupational safety. Dr Jörg Wadzack has been our Head of Administration and Finance since 2023.

enlarge the image: Photo of Dr Jörg Wadzack
Dr Jörg Wadzack, Head of Administration and Finance, Photo: Swen Reichhold

Duties of the Head of Administration and Finance

  • Head of central administration
  • Responsible for the budget: preparation of the business plan and annual accounts, financial management
  • Internal legal oversight
  • Building, space and property matters
  • Maintaining security, in particular ensuring technical security, data protection, information security, building security, environmental protection, occupational safety and fire safety
  • Appointment and retention negotiations in cooperation with the Rector
  • Supervisor of non-academic staff
  • Human resources administration
  • Human resources development
  • Occupational health management