Once an offer of appointment has been issued, this is followed by further administrative steps and negotiations. Candidates arrange the general conditions of their professorship with the Rector, the Head of Administration and Finance, and the dean of the faculty. If the negotiations are successful and the candidate accepts the offer, the University can make preparations for the appointment.

From offer to appointment

By offering you an appointment to a W3 or W2 professorship, the Rector invites you to begin appointment negotiations.

In preparation, the Rector will ask you to submit a concept detailing your future teaching and research activities and the resources you will require. Appointment negotiations are conducted by the Rector together with the Head of Administration and Finance.

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for preparing and reviewing the appointment negotiations and will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have beforehand and afterwards.

In the event of joint appointments, the appointment is handled by the Saxon State Ministry of Science, the Arts and tourism. In such cases, the ministry also conducts the appointment negotiations in consultation with Leipzig University and the relevant research institution.

By offering you an appointment, the Rector offers you the prospect of a limited civil service appointment, which can take place provided the legal and personal requirements are met.

The Rector will ask you to submit the necessary employment documents as soon as you have informed her that you accept the offer.

In the case of junior professorships, no appointment package negotiations take place. Instead, the dean of the respective faculty will inform you about the resources available to you. Detailed information on the process of appointing a junior professorship can be found in the respective guidelines for the appointment of junior professors under the Regulations and Guidelines section on this page.

Junior professors have two fixed basic salary levels, which depend on the respective phases before and after the evaluation. The Saxon Civil Service Pay Scale Act (SächsBesG) does not provide for the possibility of negotiating recruitment premiums.

Basic salary (in euros / SächsBesG, Section 34; Annex 5)

If they are not already resident in Leipzig, junior professors with a tenure track can usually have the expenses for moving their private household reimbursed. Details are regulated by the Saxon Moving Expenses Act (SächsUKG).

The responsible employees at Department 3, Section 32 will prepare your employment and arrange your starting date with you. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your recruitment.

We aim to offer our junior professors a limited civil service appointment for a total of six years. The pre-evaluation phase usually lasts three years. Following a positive evaluation, the second phase lasts a further three years.

Appointment negotiations

The salary negotiations are conducted by the Rector and the Head of Administration and Finance. You will receive the salary offer from the Head of Administration and Finance:  If this is of interest to you, dual career issues will also be addressed during the negotiations.

You can find a detailed description of the main points of negotiation and the appointment negotiation process in the relevant guidelines for appointment negotiations under the heading Regulations and Guidelines on this page.

Accepting or rejecting an offer of appointment

The Head of Administration and Finance’s written offer counts as confirmation of the package negotiated. Both you and the faculty should check whether it is complete and correct.

After receiving the package offer issued by the Head of Administration and Finance (and having it amended if necessary), we will ask you to decide within a reasonable period of time whether you wish to accept your appointment at Leipzig University. You then inform the Rector of your decision in writing. Candidates are usually given four weeks to do this.

Preparing the appointment

If you decide to advance your academic career at Leipzig University by accepting the offer, we can prepare your appointment as professor together.

Subject to the necessary legal and personal requirements, we will endeavour to offer you a permanent civil service position. After you accept the offer, we will need about three months to prepare your appointment.

Where possible, we prefer to start our joint academic career with newly appointed professors at the start of the semester (1 April or 1 October).

Regulatory framework in Saxony

In Saxony, the Saxon Civil Service Pay Scale Act (SächsBesG) regulates the salaries of professors in civil service salary groups W3 and W2, which are both divided into four levels of experience, with progression every five years.

The negotiations may include agreeing on recruitment premiums, for either a limited or unlimited period. Any decision will depend on the candidate’s individual qualification, existing evaluation results, the number of applicants, and the state of the job market in the respective subject.

Permanent recruitment premiums

  • are pensionable at a rate of up to 30 per cent of the respective final basic salary, provided they have been received for at least two years, according to Section 8(2) of the University’s Regulations on Professorial Bonuses (LBezO).
  • are included in general linear salary adjustments according to Section 8(1) LBezO.

Temporary recruitment premiums

  • are normally granted for a limited period of three years, are not pensionable, and are not included in general linear salary adjustments.

Appointment negotiations do not deal with special performance-related premiums or premiums relating to offices held, as these always depend on the professor’s performance on the job and on whether the professor holds a particular office within the University’s self-government.

As a professor at Leipzig University, you can apply for special performance-related premiums (Sections 5 and 7 of Leipzig University’s Regulations on Professorial Bonuses, LBezO). Leipzig University applies a uniform cycle (three-year period) for awarding such premiums.

In Saxony, teaching obligations are regulated by the Saxon Service Regulations for Higher Education Institutions (DAVOHS). Professors are generally required to take on eight teaching hours per week (Section 7(1) No. 1 DAVOHS).

A reduction of this teaching obligation is subject to the regulations of Section 8 DAVOHS and requires separate application.

Junior professors are expected to teach four hours per week in the first phase. Following a positive evaluation, they then have six teaching hours per week in the second phase (Section 7(1) No. 2 DAVOHS).

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You may have a lot of questions during the appointment process. Check below to see whether they’ve already been answered. Photo: Nik MacMillan, Unsplash

Frequently asked questions

Are moving expenses reimbursed?

If you have been offered a W3 or W2 professorship or a junior professorship (W1) with a tenure track but are not already resident in Leipzig, then under the Saxon Moving Expenses Act (SächsUKG) you are usually entitled to have your expenses for relocating your private household reimbursed. This is to help you properly perform your official duties.

Is support available for dual careers and when searching for childcare facilities or schools?

Leipzig University supports the partners of newly appointed professors so that they too can successfully start or continue a career in Leipzig and the surrounding region. On request, we can support you in your search for a day-care facility or school in Leipzig for your child. Mr Arndt from the Human Resources Development team will be happy to assist you.

Default Avatar

Thomas Arndt

Human Resources Development

Personalentwicklung und Gesundheitsmanagement
Goethestraße 6, Room 713
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 30086

Are previous teaching semesters at other universities taken into account when granting a semester-long research sabbatical at Leipzig University?

Periods of time off from teaching must be separated by at least four years (Section 70(1) Saxon Higher Education Act, SächsHSG). No decision is taken on this during the appointment negotiations, since research sabbaticals must first and foremost be coordinated with the professor’s colleagues at his or her future institution. Information about the principles applicable at Leipzig University will be sent to candidates once they have been offered an appointment. These principles provide for a separately substantiated application, which the Rectorate decides on in individual cases after the candidate has accepted the offer of appointment.

How can I reduce my teaching obligation?

In Saxony, professors are usually required to accept eight teaching hours per week. The Rectorate decides on temporary reductions of the standard teaching obligation on a case-by-case basis. Under Section 8(5) of the Saxon Service Regulations for Higher Education Institutions (DAVOHS), this requires a separate application procedure in which the professor provides a comprehensive justification for the request.

How are special performance-related premiums awarded (later on)?

As a professor at Leipzig University, you will have the opportunity to apply for special performance-related premiums. Leipzig University applies a standardized award cycle (three-year period). The next possible application deadline for you would be 31.05.2026. In due course, you will have the opportunity to achieve further salary increases. The awarding of special performance-related premiums is based on an overall assessment of all performance during the assessment period. The Rectorate's decision is based on a self-evaluation report and the Dean's assessment. Further information on the awarding of performance-related premiums can be found in §§ 5 and 7 of Leipzig University's regulations on the awarding of performance-related premiums and allowances (see the University’s Regulations on Professorial Bonuses, LBezO).

Do you have any questions about the negotiation process, about salary grades W1–W3, about German civil service law, or about the award of recruitment premiums at Leipzig University? Please do get in touch.

 Carsta Betzold

Carsta Betzold

HR Administrator

Goethestraße 6, Room 504
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 33012
Fax: +49 341 97 - 33099

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Julia Paeslack

Goethestraße 6, Room 504
04109 Leipzig

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Fax: +49 341 97 - 33099

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