By enrolling, you register with the University and become one of our students. If you are unable to start studying after you have enrolled, it is possible to waive your place.

Documents for Enrolment

To enrol at Leipzig University, please submit the necessary documents to the Student Office.

To apply for the first or a higher semester of study on a degree programme that is not subject to admission restrictions, you first need to apply online. Afterwards, please email the application for enrolment (Antrag auf Einschreibung), together with the documents mentioned therein, to the Student Office.

  • You will be able to generate your application for enrolment after submitting your online application. Follow the instructions in the AlmaWeb portal.
  • Alternatively, you can also generate the application for enrolment by clicking on the print link in the “Actions” column of your application overview. The application will then be opened as a PDF document and saved in your AlmaWeb account under “Account” -> “Documents”.
  • Print out the application form, complete and sign it. Then send it to the Student Office before the deadline together with the required documents. The application form will list the required documents.
  • If your preferred degree programme is subject to admission restrictions, please apply online via the AlmaWeb portal.
    Please follow our instructions for 
    • the first semester of study on locally restricted degree courses or
    • higher semesters of study on locally restricted courses.
  • After the admission procedure, a letter of admission, or rejection, will be deposited in your AlmaWeb account. You will find this letter under “Studies” > “Documents”.
  • If you have been offered your desired place, please send the signed declaration of acceptance together with the necessary documents to the Student Office by the deadline. This declaration of acceptance and details of the required documents will be enclosed with your letter of admission.
  • For degree programmes with admission restrictions, please keep in mind the deadline for accepting your place as indicated in the letter of admission. This deadline depends on both the degree programme and when exactly the letter of admission was issued.
  • You do not have to hand in the documents for enrolment in person at the Student Service Centre. Simply post us the signed documents before the deadline; you will find the address in the enrolment documents.
  • If you are not able to sign your enrolment documents yourself, you can authorise someone you trust to sign the documents and submit them on your behalf. All you need to do is write a note granting the person power of attorney. Please ensure that this original authorisation is included with the documents submitted.

Once we have checked your enrolment documents, your applicant account in AlmaWeb will be converted into a student account. From this point on, your AlmaWeb student account is one of the most important ways for Leipzig University to contact you. All of the information and documents available to you will be uploaded to your account. We will not send you anything by post.

To be able to make full use of your account, please follow the steps below:

  • When your applicant account has been converted into a student account, you will receive an email from the University’s identification management system (IdM). This email will contain your new login details for your AlmaWeb account and your new university email address. It is important that you follow all the steps described in the email in order to access your AlmaWeb account with your new login.
  • The email sent by the IdM system will ask you to upload a passport picture for your UniCard. We advise you to use this option, as it will make issuing your UniCard faster. If you cannot upload a photo for technical reasons, please use our form and send us a photo by post.
  • When we have checked and processed your documents, a confirmation notice and a provisional enrolment certificate will be generated in your student account.
    • To view the documents, log in to AlmaWeb using your new login details. Click on “Studies” and then select “Documents” from the menu on the left. You will see your provisional enrolment certificate (German name: Vorläufige Immatrikulationsbescheinigung). Please scroll to the right and click on the download link to open or save the PDF file.
    • This document contains your enrolment number, information on which documents you still need to submit in order to complete your enrolment (if applicable), and a request to pay the semester fee.
  • Please pay the semester fee and submit any missing documents. Your enrolment will only be final once we have received all the necessary documents and your semester fee has been paid in full. Then you will receive the final enrolment certificate through your AlmaWeb account. We will send an email to your university email address whenever new documents have been added to your account. Please make sure that you check your emails regularly.
  • Once your enrolment is officially complete, your UniCard can be issued. When the card is ready, an email will be sent to your student email address telling you that your UniCard will be posted to the address you have saved in AlmaWeb. If your UniCard does not then arrive by post within the next 14 days, please let us know by emailing the UniCard service point.
enlarge the image: Studierende auf dem Campus Augustusplatz
Students on the main campus at Augustusplatz. Photo: Swen Reichhold

Waiving Your Place

If you recently enrolled and now no longer wish to or are unable to commence your studies, you have the option of waiving your place before the semester begins.

Please use the waiver form provided in the download area of this page. Please enclose a stamped addressed A5 envelope with the form so that we can send you a confirmation and return your enrolment documents.

You can only waive your place if you are a newly enrolled student for the semester in question. Waivers must be submitted by the start of lectures at the very latest. After lectures have started, you can only be exmatriculated.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die von Ihnen für Bewerbung und Immatrikulation eingereichten Unterlagen nicht archiviert werden.

If you waive your place, you can request that the Studentenwerk Leipzig refund your semester fee (if you have paid it already). Please refer to the Studentenwerk Leipzig’s website for more information.

The semester fee can usually only be refunded if the waiver was filed before the start of the semester.

If you have already been admitted to the degree programme for which you have applied in the past but were unable to accept it due to a period of service, you can still claim your place no later than the second application semester after your service has ended (“preferential admission”). Please indicate this when applying online in the section “Anerkennung von Sonderanträgen” (“recognition of special application requests). The next section of the application will ask you to upload documents top support your request.

Please note that working as an au pair or travelling abroad does not justify preferential admission.

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