Leipzig University’s mentoring programme “Inspiration, Training, Networking” supports and encourages Leipzig University students and graduates as they move into the early stages of their careers and focus on their personal development. Our mentors share their experiences with current students and those who have graduated within the last three years. The majority of the mentors are Leipzig University alumni but there are also additional representatives from regional companies. The focus is on Leipzig and the surrounding areas.

Mit- und voneinander lernen – Das Mentoringprogramm für den Berufseinstieg an der Uni Leipzig

Learning with and from each other - Leipzig University's mentoring programme

Two mentoring tandems explain how they have benefitted from participating in the mentoring programme.


The application period for the next season is expected to start in January 2025.

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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a form of guidance and advising that is provided in a work environment. Mentors share their personal and professional experiences and support mentees in their career development. Mentees receive support in terms of:

  • Inspiration
    During the course of the mentoring programme, the mentee and mentor set up and hold at least three meetings. Topics frequently addressed include the following:
    • Planning your career: analysing location, developing career prospects and defining goals
    • Structures, processes and (unwritten) rules of work
    • Time and task management
    • Requirements for carrying out management and leadership tasks
    • Strategic networking
    • Requirements for communicating with employees, colleagues and superiors
    • Work-life balance: creating a balance between work and family life
  • Training
    Mentees and mentors each attend two workshops on topics such as defining goals or successful communication in consultations.                                                                                                  
  • Networking                                                                                                                                 
    Mentors and mentees are offered the opportunity to take part in round-table discussions together in order to expand their personal network and and have a forum to exchange experiences and ideas. All current participants in the programme attend and meet at the beginning and closing events.

What Our Participants Say

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Tips and advice

As a mentor, you share your professional and life experiences and provide insight into your industry and areas of responsibility. By working together with a mentee, you might also get new ideas for your own work and possibly attract a new recruit, as well as increase the visibility of your company.

As a mentor, you

  • are interested in strengthening your mentee’s compentences and contributing to their development;
  • have a good network and extensive contacts and can imagine using these to provide support for your mentee;
  • understand the informal structures and rules of your institution and are happy to share this knowledge;
  • are interested in open discussions held on an equal footing that include addressing mistakes and weaknesses;
  • are open to learning new things yourself through the mentee and recognise this as an enriching aspect of the mentoring partnership; and
  • are prepared to invest time in the mentoring programme and enter into a binding partnership for a defined period of time.

For discussions with mentees, it is helpful to think back to what it was like for you when you started your career and to consider the questions that were important to you at that time. Answering the following questions may help you to prepare for the programme:

  • What is your motivation for participating in the mentoring programme?
  • Who has supported you along the way? Was this support helpful?
  • What personal and professional challenges have you overcome?
  • What factors helped you to do so?
  • How did you experience your own time as a student (at Leipzig University)?
  • How much time can you spend with your mentee?
  • What do you expect of and would like from your mentee?
  • Are there events you could attend with your mentee in order to facilitate access to networks?

Participating in Leipzig University’s mentoring programme offers you the opportunity to further develop your career prospects and plan the early stages of your career.

As a mentee, you

  • have professional and personal goals and are determined to actively work towards these;
  • are able to establish and maintain relationships with people;
  • can talk openly about ideas, fears and weaknesses;
  • have the courage to make mistakes, to try things out and to actively put things into practice;
  • are prepared to think about your own position and reflect on this;
  • are prepared to accept and implement advice from others;
  • are honest, trustworthy and loyal to your mentor;
  • are responsible for yourself and make your own decisions;
  • actively prepare and initiate discussions with your mentor; and
  • are prepared to invest time in the mentoring programme and enter into a binding partnership for a defined period of time.

As a mentee, you have the primary responsibility for preparing the meetings and discussions. Take the time you need to consider which topics you would like to discuss with your mentor. Make relevant notes in advance and write down the questions you would like to ask.

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