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  • Field of study

    humanities and linguistics
  • Degree type

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Arts
  • Language of instruction

  • Full/part-time

    full-time, part-time
  • Course start

    winter semester
  • Admission restriction

    national admission restriction
  • Standard period of study

    Six semesters

  • ECTS credits


  • NC

    In the last selection procedure, all applicants were awarded a place on the programme.

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general higher education entrance qualification, subject-specific higher education entrance qualification

  • Knowledge of English at B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


The bachelor’s programme in American Studies is an interdisciplinary programme that examines the United States and its role in the world from the perspective of various academic disciplines. The aim of the programme is to convey a complex understanding of the culture and society of the United States as well as competence in dealing with transatlantic topics. The BA programme in American Studies is structured around the following three areas: 1) Literature and Culture, 2) Society, History, and Politics and 3) Language and Society.

The branch Literature and Culture introduces students to US literature and culture. At Leipzig, the concept of ‘literature’ is a very broad one encompassing classic genres of prose, drama and poetry but other kinds of ‘texts’, from films and magazines to mail-order catalogues and cookbooks. The modules teach students basic knowledge about the literature and culture of the US as well as important skills in the field of literature and cultural studies.

In the branch Society, History, and Politics, students explore American history, politics and society and their international contexts. The modules teach students basic knowledge about developments and topics in US society and politics in the past and present. They acquaint students with important techniques of historical studies.

The branch Language and Society is offered by the Institute of British Studies and introduces students to English linguistics. The focus here is on American English. After an overview of the different branches of linguistics, students deal with the role of language in the world: how do we acquire language? How is it produced and perceived? What social functions does language fulfil?

Once the students have familiarised themselves with all three areas in the basic modules, the rest of the bachelor’s programme allows them to specialise within these three areas.

The courses of all modules are taught in English. Numerous modules contain practical language components in which students specifically train the forms of academic writing and speaking in English.

If prospective students have any questions or would like further information about the bachelor’s programme in American Studies, they are welcome to contact the course advisers at the Institute of American Studies.

The bachelor’s programme in American Studies entails a student workload of 180 ECTS credits, consisting of the core subject (90 credits, including ten credits for the bachelor’s thesis), key qualification modules (30 credits) and the elective area (60 credits).

Sixty credits are earned each academic year. One credit corresponds to a student workload of approximately 30 hours of attendance, private study as well as preparation and completion of exams.

The programme content is arranged in modules. Modules are a combination of courses of limited duration with a certain methodological or subject-specific orientation. Depending on their workload, modules are worth a certain number of credits. They are concluded with a module examination, which consists of one or more individual examinations and on the basis of which credits are awarded. As a rule, a module comprises ten credits.

The core subject is divided into basic modules, advanced modules, specialist modules and a research module. Students can concentrate on a specific area when selecting advanced and specialist modules.

The key qualification (SQ) modules make up 30 credits, including ten credits for the programme’s own key qualification module iTASK and ten credits chosen by the student from the cross-faculty range of key qualification modules. A further ten credits can be earned in the area of key qualifications in other ways, in particular by completing internships or as part of study abroad. Before starting an internship or study abroad, students must ensure that this will be recognised by their home institute. In any case, writing a report forms part of the internship and foreign study module.

The elective area comprises 60 credits, which can be chosen from the modules offered by the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, and the Faculty of Theology. Access to the modules run by these faculties may be limited due to capacity reasons. It is recommended that students choose at least three related modules. If the student passes six modules which are from one degree course or which correspond to each other in a similar way, this will be certified accordingly.

Students write their bachelor’s thesis during the third year. Its workload is equivalent to ten credits.


Intercultural American Studies Bachelor Plus programme

Students taking the BA Plus programme in American Studies with Transatlantic Capstone spend the fifth and sixth semesters of study at Ohio University.

The interdisciplinary nature of the American Studies bachelor’s programme unlocks a wide range of work opportunities for graduates: alumni of the Institute of American Studies work in international companies and cultural organisations, for binational institutions dedicated to German-American exchange as well as for international NGOs, publishing houses and in the media. Graduates can also pursue further academic research at German or international universities.


Course start: winter semester
Admission restriction (NCU): yes
Application period: 2 May–15 July
Application portal: AlmaWeb

International students can find information about application periods and how to apply here.

Options in the winter semester: 3rd semester and 5th semester – each without restrictions on admission
Options in the summer semester: 2nd semester, 4th semester and 6th semester – each without restrictions on admission
Application period: 2 May–15 September for the winter semester; 1 December–15 March for the summer semester
Application portal: AlmaWeb
Special enrolment requirements: credits form (Anrechnungsbescheid)

International students can find information about application periods and how to apply here.


Only for the BA American Studies with Transatlantic Capstone Program and Project Year (BA Plus):
Two semesters of study at foreign partner universities

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