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Joining forces in order to attract international professionals is an important endeavour – an endeavour in which Leipzig University has now taken another step forward. Over the next four years, two projects will be funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

With its two programmes FIT – Promoting Academic Success and Labour Market Integration of International Talents – and Profi plus, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is supporting initiatives for international students at Leipzig University – from preparing them for their studies through to their transition into the labour market. The funding period will run from April 2024 to December 2028. The University is one of only a handful in Germany to receive funding in both programme lines.

The success of both DAAD project applications is due not least to the pooling of expertise from key institutions at Leipzig University: the applications, which are embedded in the University’s strategy for international professionals, were the result of a collaboration between the Studienkolleg Sachsen, the International Centre, the Career Service and the SEPT Competence Center. For years, they have all made a vital contribution to providing comprehensive support throughout the international student lifecycle – from preparing for their time at university to successfully completing their studies and transitioning into the labour market.

On the one hand, the aim is to improve the general and subject-specific German language skills of international students and to facilitate their integration into their studies with the help of advice and information services, which in turn should have a positive impact on their academic success. On the other, efforts will focus on the systematic expansion and further development of the Career Service for Internationals and stronger networking between the University and Saxony’s business community. Among other activities, the latter is to be achieved through the further development of Leipzig University’s mentoring programme and networking events. The International Centre, the Studienkolleg Sachsen and the Career Service will jointly implement the project, which has a total budget of 1,148,078 euros.

Entitled “Global Talent Ignite: Empowering International Academics for Start-up Careers in Germany”, Leipzig University’s “Profi plus” funding programme aims to strengthen the start-up ecosystem in Leipzig and the surrounding area and to integrate professionals from abroad into start-ups, for example through project work and challenges. SEPT is in charge of the project, which has total funding of 694,326 euros.