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26.10.2017 bis 27.10.2017 - Workshop

Spaces of Interaction between Socialist Camp and the Global South

SFB 1199
Seminarraum 05.55
Nikolaistraße 6-10
04109 Leipzig

26.10.2017 bis 27.10.2017, 26.10.2017 13:00 Uhr - 27.10.2017 17:00 Uhr

Anne-Kristin Hartmetz, Bence Kocsev, Dr. Jan Zofka (East-South Relations during the Global Cold War, SFB 1199)

Spaces of Interaction between Socialist Camp and the Global South: Knowledge Production, Trade, and Scientific-Technical Cooperation in the Cold War Era

In recent debates on the Cold War Era, Transnational and Global History highlight the significance of relations between the Soviet bloc and the global South. They challenge Cold War perspectives that take "Moscow’s" hegemony and centralized control by national communist parties for granted. "Socialist globalization" has come to be seen an integral part of the global post-war economic expansion. Contributing to these debates, this conference will focus on concrete spaces of economic East-South interactions: transnational hubs, institutions, and infrastructures. These spaces, to a certain extent, emerged and functioned beyond – or at the margins of – national control and opened up pathways into "the world". Taking these spaces as a starting point the conference will ask for the actors, their interests, and power relations inside the East-South interactions. How were these spaces created and to what extent did they become relevant platforms of competition and of negotiation of differing interests? To what extent did the interactions between socialist camp and the global south replicate, or blur, the seemingly dominant spatial order of the global Cold War between the "Iron Curtain" and the North-South divide? We would like to discuss how different scales such as the local, the national, the bloc, and the global were intertwined in (the making of) these spaces. Emphasising the spatial dimension will help to reread the global Cold War order and post-war globalization processes.

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