Our university offers international scholars a wide range of opportunities to spend a limited period of time abroad here in Leipzig. From DAAD visiting lectureships and scholarships, to our partnerships and Erasmus+ funding: read more about the various options.

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Academics from all over the world teach and conduct research at our university. Photo: Christian Hüller

Your stay at Leipzig University is only possible if you are researching with one of our disciplines. This must be confirmed by an invitation letter from the host institution. Please contact your host institute for the invitation letter.

Bilateral university partnerships

For incoming scholars and other staff members from partner universities to Leipzig University, subsistence allowances can typically be paid for a maximum of 14 days. The allowances are paid in accordance with the currently valid Remuneration Regulations for Leipzig University.

The organisational responsibility for the stay lies with the Leipzig University department that issued the invitation.

Request for funding from the International Centre

The department that issues the invitation should inform the International Centre as quickly as possible about the planned stay for the academic staff member from the bilateral partner university and send the invitation, work proposal and the nomination of the partner university to the SI by email. The International Centre then provides information about the funding.

After this, you will need to register online to stay at Leipzig University. Payment of the allowance is carried out after reviewing the agreement signed by you and the host institution. The allowance is paid to the bank account entered during the registration process or through Leipzig University’s payment centre (only for guests coming from outside of the SEPA region).

DAAD programmes

With its various programmes, the DAAD promotes internationalisation at German universities. The programmes are aimed at both future guest lecturers as well as visiting scholars.

The DAAD’s visiting lecturer program allows particularly highly qualified international scholars to complete guest lectureships in Leipzig. The program applies to all subjects and to academics from all regions of the world.


Guest lectureships are initiated by our university, which is responsible for overseeing the content and organisation of the project. Requirements for guest lecturers are:

  • Academic qualification (at least a doctorate)
  • extensive teaching experience

Please find further information on the process in the intranet.

The DAAD supports visiting scholars with scholarships for short stays of up to three months at our university. To be eligible, they require:

  • confirmation from the relevant supervisor at the respective institute at Leipzig University
  • funding approval from the DAAD.

The DAAD’s project-based Personnel Exchange Programme (PPP) gives you the opportunity to strengthen your academic ties in the context of a binational research project. With more than 30 programmes on offer, the DAAD promotes cooperation between international researchers and German scholars. The programmes offer unique opportunities for further qualification, especially for junior academics.

The DAAD website provides an overview of current projects as well as calls for programme applications and more information on how to apply.


The programmes are open to all disciplines. In order to apply, there must be a specific academic research project on which you would like to work together with our researchers.

Financial support

The specific additional personnel costs that may result from the participants’ exchange are eligible for funding. Our university and your home university can only cover travel and accommodation expenses. Specific features of individual bilateral programmes are listed in the country-specific information.


Please apply via the DAAD Portal.

With the Ostpartnerschaftsprogramm (Eastern Partnership Programme), partnerships with higher education institutions in Eastern Europe (including central eastern and south eastern Europe) as well as with those in the South Caucasus and Central Asia are promoted and strengthened.

The programme provides funding for international doctoral candidates, researchers, lecturers, professors, assistants and members of the university management to come to Leipzig University for the purpose of studying and researching. The organisational responsibility for the stay lies with the Leipzig University department that issued the invitation (see “Request for funding from the International Centre” above).


  • Funding for stays from your home university have been requested by Leipzig University in the DAAD Ostpartnerschaften (Eastern Partnerships) programme and have been approved.
  • There is a valid university agreement between Leipzig University and your home university.

You will also need:

  • An employment contract with your home university.
  • An invitation from the person responsible for the department.

Financial support

Our university provides funding for your stay with a daily or monthly allowance. Typically, allowances can only be paid as part of the specialised projects approved in the project. The amount of the allowance is determined by the DAAD regulations. The funding provided by the DAAD is only available for a calendar year and cannot be carried over to the following year.

Incoming students who are part of the DAAD Ostpartnerschaften programme are registered online to stay at Leipzig University. The allowance is transferred to the bank account entered during the registration process after review.

Erasmus+ funding

Erasmus+ offers further opportunities for funding a period of teaching or training at our university. Funding is available for international visiting staff from Erasmus+ Programme Countries (Europe) as well as from Erasmus+ Partner Countries (Worldwide).

Visit Erasmus+ Europe, visiting scholars from Erasmus+ Programme Countries can spend time teaching or training at our university. Please contact your local project partner to plan the details and schedule of your stay.


In order to take part in an Erasmus+ Europe teaching or training placement, you will need to be employed at one of our partner universities.

Financial support

Please contact your home university to apply for financial support for your stay. Erasmus+ grants for lecturer mobility are always paid by the home institution.

As a researcher from an Erasmus+ Partner Country, it is possible to complete a teaching or training placement at our university. In order to be funded as a researcher assistant, you will need to be nominated. This can only be dine in the subjects and partner institutions specified in the endowment contract.


The following conditions must be met in order to conduct a teaching or training placement with us  under Erasmus+ worldwide:

  • Approved project application for Erasmus+ mobility funding with Partner Countries
  • Signed inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement (IIA) between our university and your university

You will also require:

  • Employment at a partner university
  • Nomination by the person responsible for the project.

Financial support

Your stay will be funded by our university through a daily funding rate. The one-off travel grant is calculated based on the linear distance between the place of departure and the destination.

You will receive all information directly via email from the International Centre upon receipt of your nomination.

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Erasmus+ also funds teaching and training placements. Photo: Jan von Allwörden

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