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The students of the master programmes Global Mass Communication and Communication Management from Leipzig University invite you to their international virtual conference on June 1st and June 8th 2022. This year’s conference runs under the title “Challenge Accepted!” and tackles current socio-political issues on a global scale. The conference is free and will be held online via the platform Zoom. Interested guests can sign up via the contact form:

We are living in challenging times: Facing a seemingly never ending pandemic, the polarizing effects of changing technology, the existential threat of environmental catastrophe and an escalating war in Europe. In light of such overwhelming crises, we often tend to ignore problems instead of making the best out of difficult circumstances. This is why this year's joint conference focuses on ideas that could help shape the future of communication. The students will share insights from their research projects, highlighting how communicators from different fields innovate and adapt to current developments.

The first day of the virtual conference will be dedicated to reactions to an increasingly polarized public. The presentations will shine a light on how politicians use new campaign tactics on social media, companies face pressure to take sides on political issues and journalists deal with the consequences of politically motivated violence. Day two will focus on the challenge of digitalization. The presentations will explore potentials of new formats in digital storytelling and podcasts as well as the use of remote work for employer branding.