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The Online Marketing Challenge is a unique opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the real world while creating and executing digital marketing campaigns for real Saxon companies working in different industries using a budget of 500 Euros.

The OMC is open to Master Students from higher education institutions in Saxony whom will be trained in different online marketing tools for SMEs as they begin to develop digital marketing strategies and run campaigns according to the companies´ goals.

The OMC is organized by the SEPT Competence Center, the Saxon Economic Development Corporation and the Fachkräfteallianz in alliance with TU Dresden and HTWK Dresden, and its objective is to merge the academic world and the business world by setting up a safe atmosphere where students and firms can work together to develop mutual knowledge and gain practical experience in a dynamic and competitive environment.

OMC2022 is open to students from Saxon universities. Apply now until 6th of April 2022!

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